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Groomsmen Gift Golf Groomsman Gift
Billy Baroo Billy Barue Groomsmen Gift Putter

20 different heads!
20 different grips!
Engrave Them All The Same
All Personalized!
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Jeremy Lynch's "Wedding Team"

Wanted to share at least one photo of my groomsmen with your awesome putters (which were exactly as I pictured them!).  Pictures are still coming in so I may find a "close up" at some point, which I will forward to you promptly.  Everybody loved the putters - my only regret is that I didn't think to get one for myself (I'm the one in the picture who's putter-less).
Thanks again and best wishes,
Jeremy Lynch

These make outstanding groomsmen gifts, but don't take our word for it ......  

Good afternoon Angus,
It's Rob Brown from Lindsay, Ontario, Canada.  I just wanted to take a few
minutes to say thanks for making my day.  I received the putters today from
you and the workmanship that you put into each and every putter is
excellent.  The only problem is that I don't think I can wait until June
to give my wedding party their unique and authentic gift.  I sure am glad
that I ordered one for myself.  I will definitely take a picture with the
wedding party and their putters on our special day and send it off to you
for your website.
I won't keep you Angus, but thanks again for your great customer service and
you can bet that after everyone has a look at the putters that you will be
shipping a lot more of them to Canada.
Take care.
Rob Brown

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 Putter head and grip upgrades are readily available, and we can also make "short" putters for ringbearers so they can be "one of the guys"! (Hey may also want to include your new father-in-law!)

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Groomsmen Putter Package
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Angus MacKay Premier Groomsmen Golf Package
"Brass Offset" or "Midnight Putter"  or "Billy Baroo's Silver Blade"
Two Price Categories:
(A) All engraved same (i.e.; "The McCoy Wedding Team 2/24/07" or The "Ol' Billy Baroo"  2/24/07
(B) Individually Personalized (i.e.; William Satterfield - Best Man  2/24/07)

All delivered to same address for wedding or bachelor party
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Personalized Groomsmen Golf Gift  

Prices are all-inclusive of engraving, set-ups and delivery (all to same address)
(Ohio purchasers incur 7-1/4% sales tax)

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Groomsmen Gift Brass and Hickory Golf Putter Groomsman Golf Gift Snake Eyes Midnight Hickory Putter
Brass Offset shown above
(click on picture to enlarge)
Right Hand Only
"Midnight Putter" above
(shown with "Snake-Eyes" grip - no longer available)
Left-Hand Model Also Available
Billy Baroo's Silver Blade above
Right Hand Only 
Upgrades available from $6 - $10 per club

Upgrades available from $2 - $19 per club


Please select either 
The Brass Offset
The Midnight Putter  
The Billy Baroo's Silver Blade 
(you may upgrade heads and grips in the comment box)

Groomsmen Package

Groomsmen Golf Package

Prices INCLUDE Shipping!

Want to upgrade to a different putter head and/or grip selection?
Check out these two pages:



*You may upgrade as little as 1 putter (i.e.; for your best man) ...
"Mix & Match" 
or upgrade all of them!


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Engraved Same

Prices Include Engraving 
& Delivery!
No Other Costs!
Each One Personalized
Our Most Popular!

Prices Include Engraving 
& Delivery!
No Other Costs!
1 Putter   $65.00 ea
2 Putters  $52.50 ea $62.50 ea
3 Putters  $48.50 ea $58.50 ea
4 Putters  $45.50 ea $55.50 ea
5 Putters  $44.50 ea $54.50 ea
6 Putters  $43.50 ea $53.50 ea
7 Putters  $43.00 ea $53.00 ea
8 Putters  $42.50 ea $52.50 ea
9 Putters  $42.00 ea $52.00 ea
10 Putters  $41.50 ea $51.50 ea
11 Putters $41.00 ea $51.00 ea
12 Putters  $40.50 ea $50.50 ea
13 Putters $40.00 ea $50.00 ea
14 Putters $39.50 ea $49.50 ea
15 Putters $39.00 ea $49.00 ea

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're in a rush! 
We'll knock off 6% if there are 30 days or more between the date that order is received and the "required in-hand" date entered above!
(Discount will be reflected on e-mailed confirmation

If putters are all to be engraved the same, show engraving here:



If putters are to be individually personalized, write individual engravings here:
Groomsman #1
Groomsman #2
Groomsman #3
Groomsman #4
Groomsman #5
Groomsman #6
Groomsman #7
Groomsman #8
Groomsman #9
Groomsman #10
Groomsman #11
Groomsman #12
Groomsman #13
Groomsman #14
Groomsman #15

Putter Lengths:
Putters will all be standard (34-1/2") unless you show the exceptions below:

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Please Note: We are occasionally asked if our putters "screw together" like the imported little "travel" putter sets.
The answer is NO. Our putters are made like our Scottish ancestors made them: they are solid construction; 1-piece REAL putters that don't come in a little polyester "kit". They appear in our photographs here as "cut-down" putters only because they photograph better up-close as components, instead of a long, "skinny" picture! They are crafted with the finest components available, including genuine Ohio Valley hickory, and not the offshore lacquered facsimile. You can take them to the course knowing that they are the finest hickory-shafted clubs available for the money, made in the manner of fine putters from the early part of the last century ...... and are guaranteed for your lifetime.        Angus is your premiere source for engraved hickory putters used as groomsmen gifts, gifts for groomsmen and  best man gift.
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