Some recent testimonials:

I wanted to thank you for the exceptional work you did with the Groomsmen's
putters!  Here's a picture of the Hillock Clan of Kilted Men and their new
short sticks!! 
James Hillock

Groomsmen Golf Team with Wedding Putters

Hi Angus, 
Back from a nice long honeymoon in Europe and the Caribbean.  Wanted to say thanks again for all of your help in getting the putters done on such short notice.  They were a "huge hit" with all of the groomsman and family members in the wedding party.  The putters are so nice looking that nobody wanted to use them on the course.  Needless to say there weren't many birdies that day. I especially appreciate the extra time you spent with me on the phone, walking me through the various options (putter head, grip, engraving etc.).  The Snake Eye Grip and Midnight Putter is my personal favorite.  Once again., thanks for making an already great day even better. Jonathon Allen
Pictured below at The Grand Del Mar, San Diego, California 
back row (left to right), Randy Lynch, Ryan Allen - usher, Phil Weaver, Chris Allen - groomsman, Jonathon Allen - groom, Jim Thurston, Mark Olivier - usher, Mike Blandi - best man, Mike McMackin - groomsman, Frank Moore - groomsman, Dereck Benham - groomsman, Mark Gerardi, John Givens - father of the bride; front row (left to right), Brad Whitney, Alex Cook - usher

  JonathonAllen.jpg (59171 bytes)

Wanted to share at least one photo of my groomsmen with your awesome putters (which were exactly as I pictured them!).  Pictures are still coming in so I may find a "close up" at some point, which I will forward to you promptly.  Everybody loved the putters - my only regret is that I didn't think to get one for myself (I'm the one in the picture who's putter-less).
Thanks again and best wishes,
Jeremy Lynch
JeremyLynch.jpg (5529952 bytes)

I wanted to send you a note and express the absolute pleasure I had working with you and your company. The customized putters that you made for my wedding party were spectacular. Easily the most unique gifts that I have ever given and each and every recipient were speechless when they opened the gift. Speaking of which, I had custom wooden boxes made for each and I mounted the putter along with a custom logo print gold ball for each of my friends. They were blown away! Most ask me for your contact information so that they could order putters for their friends and customers.Thanks again and I will be back for more when the time comes.Sincerely,
Jeff Blair  Chicago, IL
p.s. Ė I attached a picture of our ďteamĒ prior to tee off. I am the proud holder in the middle
Blair Wedding Putters.jpg (676550 bytes)

They were a big hit, as you predicted.  The rehearsal dinner photo is attached.
 Front from left: John Stahle, Kirk Schultz, Natale Emanuele (father of bride), Dan Mercure
 Back from left: Norm Schultz (father of groom), Greg Schultz (groom), Maurizio Emanuele, Ron LaBeau, Mike Moutsatson, Ryan Schultz, J.P. Karpowicz, Joe Abramson.
I will have another photo I will send along at a later date when it is developed, I know it is one that you will be interested in seeing: myself and three friends with putters in hand with the Detroit Pistons NBA Championship trophy.  It may be some good advertising for you.  Thanks again.Greg Schultz

GregSchultz.JPG (1276442 bytes)


Got the putters yesterday.  They look fantastic and I
can't wait to give them to the guys on Friday, i know
that they will love them.  Thanks for doing such a
great job.  Will send a picture when all is said and done.

Hi Angus,
I just received the beautiful putters for my son's groomsmen.  The putters are fantastic and I know they will be the hit at the rehearsal dinner!   I only wish I had ordered one for myself and the mother of the bride!!  
Your service has been excellent from beginning to end.  I'll send you a picture of the wedding party and they prized putters!! 
I'll be ordering more putters in the future for our business.
Susan Nelthorpe


I wanted to, first of all, assure you that I did receive the putters.
Furthermore, I wanted to tell you how spectacular they were.  All the recipients were very impressed with their presents - especially my father.  He does not golf.  He is more of a baseball/basketball/football fan.  But, my sister called me the day after I gave him his putter and she told me that my father brought the putter with him to church and showed it off to his church buddies.  That is HUGE!
Thank you ever so much for coming through for me, especially at such short notice.  My only regret was that I did not order one for me. . .
Nevertheless, best of luck to you!
(Feel free to post this on your website as a testimonial; you deserve such accolade and much more.)

Thank you again for getting the putter correction sent out so quickly. The putters look amazing; I cant wait to see my groomsmans' faces when I give them out. 
I will make sure to send you a photo with all of us holding them to post on your website. 
Thanks again,  Dave

Hello Angus,

I received the putters last night.  They are absolutely beautiful.  I cannot wait to give them to my buddies.  I will be sure to send along their comments and some pictures after the big day.
Thank you very much.
Mike Zisa

CausemakerWeddingTeam.jpg (291747 bytes)
Kane Causemaker's "Wedding Team"
October 23, 2004

Laying down is Brad Clarkson, Stillwater , Ok.  Above him is Ben Bobell, Lincoln , Il .  Standing up from left to right is Chad Lewis , Tulsa, OK;  Lewis Cunningham, San Antonio, TX; Kane (The Groom); Shane Sturgeon, Cordell, OK;  Jayson Park, Annawan, Il; Kale Causemaker, Atkinson, Il; Andy Musgrave, Pittsfield, Il.
Hey Angus,
Even though it is a little blurry, I wanted to share this picture with you.  Everyone, including those who didnít get one loved them!! More than one guy said that the putter was the best groomsmen gift they had ever received.  Others were constantly asking where I got them.  Originally, we were to play golf the morning of the wedding.  However we missed our tee time!#@&#  Anyway they were great, and I could not be happier with the work you did and how quickly you got them to me.  Thank you so much for everything.  
Sincerely, Kane and Christina

I received the putters for my Groomsmen yesterday and I just wanted to say the look absolutely incredible. Thanks so much for all your help and prompt attention to my order.
Thanks Again,
Michael Kochera


Hey Angus,
I received the putters today and they are priceless. My wedding isn't until October and I can't wait to give these out. I will always recommend you to any future grooms. I will send a picture after the wedding. Your service was outstanding and the communications were prompt.
Thank you for everything.
Tony Goularte


Everything looks great! Thank you very much for your help Ö and professionalism. After working with several frustrating wedding vendors who in the recent months, your customer service was a breath of fresh air! And very appreciated.
Have a great day,


Angus, thanks for the AWESOME putters. Iím so impressed! Iíll be telling all my friends about your excellent creations and how friendly and accommodating you are to work with.

Hello Angus,
The putters look great, and everyone thought they were the most thoughtful groomsman gift they had ever seen. You had requested pictures if possible for your website. Therefore, I have attached two photo files. By the way, do you do anything with drivers? I have a persimmon headed driver, that I would love to have a wooden shaft. Please advise, and contact me with any questions.

Best Regards
David Nicholas
Product Manager


Angus - wanted to let you know that I received the putters and they are beautiful. My fiancee is impressed and quite honestly, a little jealous (she was impressed, as was I, by the little cards you put together for us too).....luckily I kept one for myself (although she's jealous about that too).....I'm hoping that I guessed correctly on the R/L thing (was supposed to go golfing with all the guys during the bachelor party but some stayed out too late so I couldn't tell which way they putted....I'm hoping I'm 100% correct) ...... Anyway, thanks again for all your work and if you ever need a reference on your website, I'd be more than happy to write something up for you...just let me know....I'll be passing your name on to the other guys as well (although my guess is the putters will sell themselves and they'll be calling me first).
Take care,
Jeff DeMartini


Hey Angus,

I just wanted to thank you for the quick and quality service that you
provided on my recent groomsmen putter order. The putters were a hit! All
the groomsmen and the fathers really liked them. In fact, my father was
almost overcome with emotion.
I don't know how you manage to provide such a quality product at such a
reasonable price, but if you need a reference, look no further.
As you asked, I took a couple of pictures of us guys with the clubs, in our
tuxes. I'll get that to you soon! Thanks again and best wishes!

Hello Mr. Mackay! Just thought I'd send you a quick note and some photos of us with the putters.

The guys absolutely loved them! They had never used wood putters, and not only were they astonished by how great a gift they were, but the boys were equally impressed with their functionality on the course as well. We played 18 Friday morning, and the group included some serious players, and a pga pro, the feel of the ball through the putter was a unique experience for us all, and I'm sure they will be in the their bags, long past our 30th Invitational. It was an instant success,and I was quite surprised by how quickly word got around the wedding party and friends, and we were all getting questions from others, interested in testing out and admiring the putters. Thanks for providing such a quality product, and great heirlooms for my family and closest friends. My only regret is that I did not order one for myself! But there's always our anniversary :-)

If you would like these pictures, let me know, I'm pretty sure you can have a digital copy for your website or portfolio if you'd like, also I'm sure that it will be a higher resolution and much larger picture. We just got back from our honeymoon, and we'll be in touch with our photographer sometime this week.


Hello Mr. MacKay!

Glad to hear about my brother's putter! I would be honored to provide a testimonial for your work, I'll check with the photographer and see if I can get you a much better quality picture. Let me know what format you would prefer? JPG? Also, if you would like me to re-word, or edit the testimonial I would be fine with that. I'll have my wife look it over anyway for grammar ;-)

I really would like to get a putter for myself. I would basically like the same putter as were given to the guys. PS - The olde-english was definatley the way to go! If you could quote me a price, I'll send you a credit card number, and the shipping information (same as what I gave you for the original order, if you still have a copy). I'm not just saying it, the guys really thought the putters were excellent, and I know they will be the only putter in their bags. Brian said that the putter allowed him to feel the ball, and the spring of his swing, as compared to the "dead," feeling of his composite putter, with steel shaft.

By the way, did my parents mention his name (my brother)? Gavin Michael? We're pretty big on the Scotts in my family, at least my mother's side we are related to the McCleods, and can trace ourselves back to Dunvegan Castle. We also have a thing for Scottish terriers, my folks have had three, the most famous of which was "Hamish, Lad of Leeds." My wife and I adopted our first Scottie (Wheaton colored) on Sunday - and your namesake "Angus," is our most favorite so far. So we're always delighted to help out a Scotsmen here in the US


I received the putters yesterday and they look great. Exactly what I was
looking for! (you can quote me on the web site if you want)


The putters came out great. Thank you so much and I have a picture that I
will be sending you. Thanks for adding a nice touch to our wedding.


Picked up the clubs from the USPS on Saturday. Breaking into the box was
a bit like getting into Fort Knox, but once inside, what a wonderful
surprise awaited me. Thank you for the quality and craftsmanship exhibited
in these clubs. I am positive these are keepsakes that both my father and
my wife-to-be's father will cherish for a long time. I doubt these putters
will ever see a golf course. That's ok, though, I have golfed with them
both and it wouldn't help either of them. Again, thank you for the unique,
stylish, and well-crafted gift. I believe my fiance echoes my opinion when
I say these turned out much better than I could have ever expected.

Kyle Brinkman


Thank you, sir. You can use it on the web site, if you want. Also, going
down the list of receipts for the gifts, those were the most economical
gifts I purchased (read cheapest), the Ring Bearer's gift cost more than
both putters combined. I wish the groomsmen were golfers, as well, they
would have gotten a putter, too. However, not everyone can understand the
intricacies of the good walk spoiled. Your prompt service, quality,
craftsmanship, friendliness, and uniqueness make this the best experience
of all the gift giving purchases I have made for this wedding. You will
come highly recommended to all my friends when it comes time for their
weddings. I want my own Angus MacKay stick!
Kyle Brinkman


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