How to send us your logo: 
By e-mail:
e-mail us your logo in a .tif, .bmp, .gif, or .jpg format at the same time  you place your order.  We cannot begin an order for logo'd putters until we receive your logo!
Our e-mail is

By U.S. Mail or other courier:   
Priority Mail, UPS Next Day or FedEx all have 9x12 heavy envelopes to put your hard-copy logo into. Put an
extra piece of cardboard into whatever envelope you are using to keep the delivery people from bending and wrinkling your artwork. 

Crisp, clear, clean (no smudges or mustard) black-and-white art is scanning size is 5"x 5".  4-color logos are O.K., but we will convert them to black and white only (lasers only burn in black - not grayscale or 4-color). Identify the logo with your confirmation # and name on the order form.
Our delivery address is:  

Angus MacKay Clubmakers
11 Shoreline Dr.
Perrysville, OH  44864

By FACSIMILE:  Not a great idea.  The resolution on fax machines is not good enough to use, and unless you have a VERY PLAIN AND BOLD logo, don't attempt this. If you do, please use the largest size logo that will fit on a piece of 8-1/2x11 paper to fax it to us, and do it in Fine Transmission Mode on your fax. Again, identify your logo at the bottom of the page w/ the name that appears on the order, in addition to the confirmation #. We may contact you anyway if we find that the faxed logo is not useable.
Our Facsimile # is:  
419.938.8005 but you must call us first (Toll_Free)
at 888.774.0991 and let us know a fax is about to be sent.

Remember.....we can't make the logo look better on the hickory shaft than the quality of the logo you send us!

**Not all logos remain legible when reduced to 3/8" high. This logo is about the maximum detail that we can put on a hickory shaft:
  This also has another thing going for it: it's long & narrow like a golf shaft, so it reduces in the shape that works well with a slender shaft.  If we feel we need to make alterations or use copy only, we'll contact you first for approval.
*For artwork changes or alterations, it's REALLY important for us to have your fax number.


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