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Personalized Golf Plaques
"I Wish I'd Said That!"

Personalized Oak Plaque w/ golf ball mount
7-1/2" x 9"
$19.95 (w/out ball)
$25.95 w/ faux-gold-plated ball)
(actual quote by Ted Ray)

Personalized Oak Plaque
7-1/2" x 9"
(actual quote by Jim Bishop)

Famous people have come up with some GREAT golf quotations ....
don't you wish YOU had said it instead?
Here's your chance: we'll credit the quotation to YOU (or your recipient's) and engrave it on an oak finish plaque along with the date! Of course, we'll give credit to the original speaker on the back of the plaque just to keep things proper. And we'll ship it to you FAST!
It's as Easy as 1-2-3!
Just (1) select the plaque style ; (2) select the engraving or create one of your own (max. of 40 words); 
and (3) indicate the name and date that will appear.

1st .... Select your plaque style:
(If you wish to order more than one, please send multiple orders or CALL US - (it's easier!)

Plaque Style


Fully-engraved Plaque (no ball)



Engraved plaque w/ ball mount (no ball)



Engraved plaque w/ ball mount w/ gold golf  ball



Name to appear on plaque:

Date to appear on plaque:

2nd.... Select your Engraving
(or create your own)
Our Pre-engraved Lineup:

(Then scroll
1 "Golf is a fascinating game. It took me nearly forty years to discover that I can't play it." (Actually said by Ted Ray)
2 "Golf is played by twenty million mature American men whose wives think they are out having fun."   (Actually said by Jim Bishop)

"Golf is so popular because it is the best game in the world at which to be bad."   (Actually said by A.A. Milne)

4 "Golf, like the measles, should be caught young. For if postponed to riper years, the results may be serious." (Actually said by P.G. Wodehouse)
5 "I'm about five inches from being an outstanding golfer. That's the distance my left ear is from my right."  (Actually said by Ben Crenshaw)
6 "If you break 100, watch your golf. If you break 80, watch your business."
(Actually said by Joey Adams)
7 "Man blames fate for other accidents, but feels personally responsible for a hole-in-one."   (Actually said by Martha Beckman)
8 "I've spent most of my life golfing ~ the rest I've just wasted."
(Author Unknown)

"Play it as it lies is one of the fundamental dictates of golf. The other is Wear it if it clashes."    
(Actually said by Henry Beard)

10 "I can airmail the golf ball, but sometimes I don't put the right address on it."
(Actually said by Jim Dent)
11 "By playing the game of golf I have learned the meaning of humility. It has given me an understanding of the futility of human effort."
(Actually said by Abba Eban)
12 "Golf is the cruelest of sports. Like life, it's unfair. It's a harlot. A trollop. It leads you on. It never lives up to its promises. It's a boulevard of broken dreams. It plays with men. And runs off with the butcher."
(Actually said by Jim Murray)

"Golf is not a game, it's bondage. It was obviously devised by a man torn with guilt, eager to atone for his sins."
(Actually said by Jim Murray)

14 "My game's so bad I could putt off a tabletop and still leave the ball halfway down the leg."
(Actually said by J.C. Snead)
15 "The worst club in my bag is my brain."
(Actually said by Chris Perry)
16 "I'm a golfaholic, no question. Counseling wouldn't help. They'd have to put me in prison, and then I'd talk the warden into building a hole or two and teach him how to play."   (Actually said by Lee Trevino)
17 "Isn't it fun to go out on the golf course and lie in the sun?"
(Actually said by Bob Hope)
18 "Golf is golf. You hit the ball, you go find it. Then you hit it again."
(Actually said by Lon Hinkle)
19 "Golf and sex are about the only things you can enjoy without being good at them."   (Actually said by Jimmy DeMaret)
20 "Golf is like a love affair. If you don't take it seriously, it's no fun. If you do take it seriously, it breaks your heart."  (Actually said by Arthur Daley)
21+ MORE COMING!!!  
Or type your own (limit 40 words):
Please proofread it before you send it: we'll engrave it as submitted.
 (Please keep it clean!)

Priority Mail is $7.95 per plaque
Express Mail is $22.95 per plaque
Finally ... Your Billing & Shipping Information:

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$7.95 STANDARD DELIVERY (PRIORITY MAIL) gets arrival in 3-4 business days (1 day engrave plus 2-3 days transit)

$22.95 EXPEDITED DELIVERY (EXPRESS MAIL gets arrival in 2-3 business days (1 day engrave plus 1-2 days transit) (Most addresses are 1 day transit)

Please e-mail us for foreign shipping charges and transit times.

Special Instructions:
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