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Wall O' Fame

 Here are some past engravings that may help you!
 Don't can select from 6 engraving
    Lettering will be engraved maximum 3/8" tall.

Famous Golf Quotations:
These (long) quotations are set in the typestyle that best accommodates their length. Additional engravings will only fit on the opposite side of the shaft (additional set-up charge".

Craig Stadler

"Why am I using this putter? Because the last one didn't float too well."

John Hallisey
"My worst day on the course still beats my best day at the office"

Bruce Lansky
"The problem with keeping your eye on the ball is that you have to take it off your opponent."

Lord Robertson
"My favorite shots are the practice swing and  the conceded putt. The rest can never be mastered."

Jim Bishop
"A gimme is an agreement between two guys who can't putt."

Bruce Lansky
"Never putt until the hole stops moving."

Peter Dobereiner
"Half of golf is fun; the other half is putting."

Dick Emmons
"Real golfers don't miss putts: they get robbed."

Dean Martin
"If you drink, don't drive, Don't even putt."

Jimmy Demaret
"Golf & sex are the only things you can enjoy without being good at it."


Groomsmen Gifts:
  GEORGE ADAMS......Not Necessarily the Best Man!
  Last Chance for Bob to "Putt Around"  6/23/99 Bob & Susie 
  and the simple but most popular:  Jim Anderson  6/23/99

    President's Club Round Table  Costa del Sol  2000
    Institutional Sales Leader May 1999
    1st Flight Runner-Up MCC 1999
    Longest Putt   YMCA Benefit Outing 1998
    Customer Appreciation Day  AGNICAL INDUSTRIES  1999

Great leaders inspire us to do better than our best
    DOUG ADAMS    9/27/99.....from the water cooler foursome
    Gerry Fein: World's Greatest Retired Golfer
    To Greg from the gang at REBAR INDUSTRIES  6/12/2000

    Office Carpet Putting Champ     Traveling Trophy
    N.E. PHARMACISTS  1999  Low Net
    1999 Red Cross Scramble Champions
    2000 Hobart CC Calcutta

    Merry Christmas Grandpa!  Bobbie, Jennifer & Sara
    World's Greatest Husband    Randy Allistar   1998
    A new "little putter"...James Erin Lafferty 11/13/99 7lb2oz
    I only practice medicine to support this habit!
    Happy Fathers' Day from your "caddies"!
    Nice Putt, Alice.
    Made the Putt...Missed the Plane!  Jim Mason  4/27/2000
    I "wooden" ever let you line up my putt again! Jim 7/17/00 

Valentine Day Gift:
Official Putter for the WORLD'S GREATEST LOVER!
Valentine, you make my heart PUTTER!
You're a PRO in MY Book!
Happy Valentine's Day from the one who loves your strokes!
Red Hot Putter for a Red Hot Lover! 
Last of the Red Hot Putters

And the all-time favorite engraving(s).....
    Name Only:    Robert A. Kincaid
Name and Date:   William Donofrio  August 12, 1999
    Initials and Date:   RAK   June 24, 2000 
Sorry.....we can't engrave profanity.

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