You are the recipient of a very special special putter commissioned by 
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Your new putter is constructed of solid bras
s and genuine hickory. It will give you years of playing or displaying pleasure if you follow these helpful hints:  (1) The head will maintain its appearance if you avoid abrasive cleaners, (2) The grip may be cleaned with soap and water, or a commercial leather cleaner if you have a leather grip , (3) A hard paste wax will restore the luster to the hickory shaft, (4) The pitched Irish linen whipping at the junction of the head and the shaft may abrade and unravel if you put it in your golf bag unprotected - we recommend that you use a head cover AND a separate plush-lined tube. (5) Try to avoid "dings" to the engraved area.



The workmanship and materials used on your new putter are unconditionally guaranteed. If, during the course of your lifetime, your club is damaged from any factor other than abuse or accident, Angus MacKay Clubmakers, Ltd., will replace or repair (at our option) at no charge, save a nominal shipping charge. Please bear in mind that the materials used are not modern composites, and will not suffer the abuse that contemporary golf clubs may tolerate.
Hickory, over time, may bend or "crook". This is a natural occurrence and only adds to its "antique" flavor. If you or your heirs desire a restoration of this putter, we would be pleased to do so at a nominal charge. We may be reached at:

Angus MacKay Clubmakers, Ltd.
P.O. Box 588
Perrysville, Ohio  44864
Phone 419.938.8005   Fax 419.938-8404

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